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KBL 8000 hybridsun

The alpha hybridST is opening a new chapter in the history of sunbeds. This oasis-like treatment combines Mediterranean sounds, pure-Sunlight mixed with beauty-Booster hyper-Red Lamps, Aroma-Therapy, and the aqua-Cool mist to make your time a relaxing experience. The 12 inch touch screen, which is unique throughout the world, enables you to intuitively operate and set it up – with one single touch, just like a smart phone or tablet, and is equipped with the most modern technology and has everything you need for a perfect tan and a healthy looking glow. Loving your own skin and giving it what it needs: the HybridSun’s ruby-collagen-booster stimulate the natural collagen production with the gentle light of their high performance. LED’s make small wrinkles disappear after time, and provide renewed freshness.


The Heartland Ovation 2800 is Sunsations Bed of choice for a beginner and is the most affordable option. This 20 minute tanning bed gives you time to relax at the end of a long day and let the UVA and UVB rays do the work for you!

The Heartland Bravo 5400 is a very wide tanning bed featuring 44 lamps surrounding your body and 3 facial lamps providing the ultimate tanning experience. A deeper, darker and longer lasting tan is created through the combination of UVA and UVB rays in Sunsations Level 2 Super Bed.

The Heartland 2M Sundazzler is a powerhouse of UVA and UVB output. Optimize your tanning potential with 46 tanning lamps encompassing your body with no risk of experiencing pressure points or lines due to the advanced technology and tight placing of lamps in Sunsations’ Level 3 Mega Tanning Bed.

Providing incredible tanning performance at an exceptional value, the 6400 tanning unit utilizes forty-four 160 watt lamps and 4 high pressure facial lamps to power this incredible bronzing system and deliver a 12 minute tanning session. 

The X2 Sky is a High Pressure Tanning Bed with a dominant UVA tanning experience providing powerful bronzing of the skin with little UVB output. This new addition to Sunsations includes a Rockin’ built in sound system and body cooling fans for a relaxing, fun tan!


Heartland Ovation 2800


Heartland Bravo  5400


Heartland 2M Sundazzler





Sky High Pressure

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